Faculty Profile

Mangaoil, Armina B.
Education/Degrees Earned
Baccalaureate Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
UG/G Certificate
Masteral Master of Arts in Education with Specialization in School Psychology
Doctoral Doctor of Philosophy in Guidance and Counseling (on-going)
Full-time Faculty, Behavioral Sciences Department
Contact Information
Email mangaoil.ab@pnu.edu.ph, cutez_27@yahoo.com
Phone Number 09276025091
Short Biography
Prof. Armina B. Mangaoil, is a Full-time Faculty of the Behavioral Science Department, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Philippine Normal University. She has been connected in Philippine Normal University as a part-time faculty since 2009. She also finished her undergraduate and masteral degree in the same university. Also, she worked in Philippine Normal University as Values Education teacher in secondary level as well as in Our Lady of Fatima University as a Faculty in tertiary level. She attended various seminars, workshops, conferences. She also wrote modules in values Education for secondary level. She is currently a member of Philippine Mental Health Association, Philippine Association of Psychological Helping Professionals, Psychological Association of the Philippines Junior Affiliates.