Community Extension Services

With the enactment of RA Republic Act No. 9647, the Philippine Normal University (PNU) was conferred the title as the National Center for Teacher Education (NCTE). The law gives PNU a new mandate which challenges and inspires the centenary institution just as it recognizes its leadership in education. PNU is now in a strategic position to continue serving the Filipino people and provides the avenue of exploring innovative ideas and practices in education, research and extension.

Philippine Normal University as an active learning institution teaches students to be agents and persons of hope and justice to their community and to their country. As an academe, PNU sees the importance of partnership with various institutions for the attainment of Better Quality of Life (BQOL) in its adopted communities through its University Community Extension Program. As a university in the 21st century, PNU will level up its community extension services like providing professional services to educational institutions like TEIs and the public schools for them to attain Academic Excellence (AE). The convergence of the PNU community (CED, CLLL, COS, CASS, OSASS and other units) will sustain the capability building, employment facilitation, technical training, teacher training, livelihood support its beneficiaries. This is a response of the university to be an agent of change, uplift the literacy level of the people in our partner communities and likewise contribute in the attainment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The different extension projects and activities of PNU in partnership with its adopted communities, adopted schools and NGOs will anchor from the following:

Teacher Training Program (TTP)

The Teacher Training Program of PNU is an extension program that will serve both community's and school's teacher training. For the community, the TTP will provide training packages for parateachers, parents, literacy workers, community leaders in the community so that they serve as future teachers in their community. Likewise PNU will pool its resources together across colleges and organize unified programs for the adopted educational institutions or public schools.

Leadership Capability Building and Empowerment (LCBE)

The university will organize leadership training programs for barangay leaders, home-owner association leaders and daycare managers for them to gain knowledge and skills to effectively serve their community or barangay. The framework of the leadership training is good governance. Enabling the leaders in the schools and community with necessary skills will redound to their empowerment. On the other hand, PNU will extend its expertise to adopted TEIs on curriculum, teaching strategies, content and processes on teacher education.

Research Assistance Program (RAP)

For the community, RAP is a series of free workshops for community leaders and parateachers which will focus on practical skills for collecting, handling, and presenting information or data to address their immediate problems and concerns in their community. For the adopted education institutions (TEIs and public schools), PNU will conduct workshops on writing research proposals, reporting, analyzing and presenting data. Likewise PNU will facilitate and assist in the publication of their research outputs.

Youth Development Program (YDP)

In the adopted community and adopted education institutions, PNU will spearhead youth development programs which will focus on current issues and trends in our society such as peace and human rights education, conflict management and resolution, youth empowerment, gender sensitivity awareness, political literacy, environmental education, livelihood and entrepreneurship, health and nutrition, culture and sports.

The university will tap the different departments and colleges to help and give time and serve the PNU adopted community and educational institutions.