Vision Mission


The CEd envisions itself in the next five years as a focal, creative, and development and research oriented teacher education center contributing its full share to the development of Filipino teachers and specialists as exemplars of academic excellence and leadership in education as it reaches out to the rest of the world. laurels

It likewise envisions its teacher-graduate as a total person and professional who:

  • manifests a high level of competence in the fields of pedagogy, multimedia instructional technology, science and information technology, and communicative and interpersonal skills;
  • is imbued with a love for learners as well as for lifelong learning, is open to and at ease with change, is resourceful; proactive, and learner-focused, and has a strategic planning mindset;
  • is dedicated to the promotion of a just and humane society;
  • is ready to reach out to the students, the parents and the community in general, and;
  • is committed to effecting social changes.


  • Provides higher professional and special instructions for special purposes
  • Promotes research and extension services
  • Advances studies and progressive leadership in education and other relevant fields


To promote and facilitate the development of quality:
Professional teachers who are
Nation builders
Evolutionary and

To provide dynamic leadership in the:
Education and

… of in-service teachers and school managers to enable them to meet the challenges of the changing times as well as in varied school settings.

Organizational Structure

College-Based Centers

  1. Research Unit
  2. Extension Unit
  3. Curriculum Resource Unit -
  4. Educational Technology and Demonstration Unit
  5. Guidance Unit
  6. E-Learning Center
  7. IMEC -


Center for Teaching and Learning

To promote and facilitate the development of professional teachers who are nation builders, upright, competent, evolutionary, and, dedicated by creating meaningful teaching-learning environment and actual pedagogical, research, and community experiences to enable prospective teachers to translate theory into practice.



Department of Advance Professional Development

To provide professional education to non-teacher education degree holders by developing their understanding of the intricacies in the teaching-learning processes, facilitating the acquisition of basic teaching competencies, and instilling in them positive attitudes and values of nationalistic, morally upright and dedicated teachers.

Briones, Aurora S.
Dizon, Maville A.

Certificate in Teaching Program

Department of Early Childhood Education

To serve as a major curricular and pedagogical resource on early childhood education; design innovative instructional program and strategies that enhance the creative capabilities of prospective leaders of young children; packages faculty development program for preschool teachers in both private and public schools; and conduct in-service training programs in various areas and levels of early childhood education.

Bautista, Joyce L.
Lopez, Charito DG.

  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (BECEd)
  • M.A. in Early Childhood Education
  • Certificate in Preschool Education

Department-Based Organizations
  • ABCD – Active Builders for Child Development Organization – was founded in 1999 by Ms. Victoria Aquino. From 1999-2000, the advisers of the club who were the firsts were Prof. Francisca Mandanas and Prof. Arceli Siva. Prof. Victorina Pabalan took her place by the school year 2002-2003. In the succeeding years, Prof. Charito Lopez became the adviser of the organization until 2005. At present, Prof. Joyce Leviste serve as the ABCD Organization’s adviser. General assemblies and other important gatherings concerning the BECED students are the main activities of the organization.

Department of Elementary Education

Provide the students with a broad general education, professional education and specialized knowledge of contents with the necessary pedagogical competence to teach elementary school subjects demonstrating critical thinking skills and inculcate in them a positive attitude towards teaching and the values of a dedicated, motivated, and morally upright teacher. Caters

Barrera, Carmelina E.
Calapardo, Lydia B.
Decella, Corazon B.
Ilanan, Celia M.

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd)
  • M. A. in Elementary Education
  • Certificate in Elementary Education

Department-Based Organizations
  • YEC – Young Educators’ Club – is an association based in the College of Education and serve as a supporting arm in the development of BEED students.

Department of Educational Management, Measurement and Evaluation

Designed to develop the leadership potentials of the scholar practitioner in the educational system of the country. A graduate of the program is expected to be responsive to the educational needs of the country and can demonstrate the administrative ability to plan, organize, implement, monitor, control and evaluate school programs and system.


  • M.A. in Educational Management
  • M.Ed. in Educational Management
  • M. A. in Measurement and Evaluation
  • M. Ed. in Measurement and Evaluation
  • M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Ph. D in Educational Management
  • Ph. D in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Ed. D in Educational Administration

Department-Based Organizations

Department of Professional Education

Designed to promote and facilitate the development of professional teachers who are nation builders, upright, competent, evolutionary and dedicated by providing adequate theoretical instruction and relevant practical experiences in establishing a strong background concerning psychological, sociological, and philosophical bases of education and of the allied courses.


The department provides Core Courses in the Graduate programs and Professional Education courses in the Undergraduate programs.

Department of Special Education

Designed to provide specialized training for both experienced and beginning teachers for children with visual disabilities, intellectual disabilities, auditory disabilities and intellectual giftedness; and to open educational opportunities to children with visual disability, auditory disabilities and intellectual giftedness.

Cerbo, Shirley N.
De Mesa, Teresita G.
Pagurayan, Olivia L.

  • M. A. in Special Education
  • M. Ed in Special Education
  • Certificate in Special Education

Department of Field Study and Student Teaching

Designed to provide the necessary professional laboratory situations and field experiences both on and off-campus and help students of education transmit theory into practice as they develop the desired teaching competencies and values in their fields of specialization.

Del Prado, Natividad A.
Dela Cruz, Susan P.
Delos Santos, Victoria J.
Palmiery, Annabelle DC.

The department provides Field Study courses and Practice Teaching to students across colleges