PNU Cadiz Campus

The PNU in Cadiz City came into existence with the enactment of RA 4242, which was approved on June 9, 1968. This act provided for the establishment of regional branches of PNU. Upon its approval, the late Congressman Armando C. Gustilo immediately worked out the establishment of the branch in the Visayan region. With the help of former Mayor Heracleo Villacin, the PNC Negros Occidental Branch in Cadiz City was opened on July 22, 1968.

From Bachelor of Elementary Education and Bachelor of Secondary Education, its program offerings expanded to include master’s degrees and, more recently, doctorate. For a few years, it also offered engineering courses in consortium with Technological University of the Philippines-Visayas.

The performing groups, the Dalawidaw Chorale and the Makawiwili Dance Troupe, have continued with the tradition of keeping a love for the arts alive. Just recently, another feather has been added to the cap of the university when Cheryll Faldas, cum laude of Class 2005, ranked second in the PRC National Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Executive Director:
Telefax (034)493-0126